Toddler naughtiness

Where has our sweet and obedient little baby gone? Well, he’s still here sometimes but more and more often at the moment we get a defiant and naughty little boy instead.

Bub has definitely developed some bad habits recently. He’s naughty when with me and with his daddy but interestingly does different naughty things depending who he’s with. With his daddy he will repeatedly hit the computer or tv, with hands and toys, seeking a reaction from his dad. He’s never done that with me once. With me he’ll throw food, again something he never does with his dad. He also lashes out whilst being carried. He’ll hit our heads, scratch and even try to bite. We also get tantrums, crying and struggling, though mercifully they aren’t too bad and blow over quickly.

We’ve really got to get our approach to discipline sorted I think. I’ve been reluctant to date thinking that a simple no and distraction was best. However now he does things sometimes because we say no. Often I know he’s aware it’s naughty so I guess he’s testing boundaries and playing with us. It’s hard to respond consistently and calmly. I don’t want to go overboard either.

Any suggestions on a caring and age appropriate approach to toddler discipline? All ideas gratefully received.


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One Response to “Toddler naughtiness”

  1. Lisa | Says:

    We used the naughty step for a while (, but then some time in the past few months – I’m not sure when – it stopped being necessary. Not that he is a little angel now. More that his level of understanding developed, and we have been able to explain that we’re unhappy about something and why, and he seems to understand it.

    The number one technique that I think most people agree on, and that certainly seems to be effective for us, is consistency. If you say something, make sure you mean it. And then follow through with it. I think once you do that, whatever discipline technique you use will be effective.

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