Football dreams

Cute little story from Bub’s dad a few nights ago as he was trying to get him to sleep.

Normally we don’t stay in with Bub as he goes to sleep but sometimes he is insistent we do and after our recent holiday getting him to sleep has been problematic. So Bub’s dad was in with him trying to get him to keep still long enough to start to drop off.

He told Bub to lie still and close his eyes. He then asked him to imagine the fun they would have tomorrow playing football in the garden. Bub lay quietly and did as he was told. He then did a big kick upwards, grinned a big grin still keeping his eyes shut and whispered “I did it!” to himself.


Another ‘Awwwww!’ moment below. Bub never falls asleep away from his cot anymore. And he’s very resistant to transferring whilst asleep – I can count on one hand the times he’s been successfully transferred from sleeping in the car seat to the bed or sofa. But here he is, after a long and exhausting bank holiday expedition, crashed out on the sofa. Awwwww!



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One Response to “Football dreams”

  1. teamcleo Says:

    That easy?! 🙂

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