Teething is so, like, over!

Found out the other day that the total number of milk teeth is twenty. Managed to persuade Bub to open his mouth long enough to count his and he has all twenty 🙂

Hurray! At least now when he wakes at night and points his finger to his mouth I’ll know he’s trying it on rather than just suspecting it. No more late night ministerings of Calpol “just in case”.

Here’s Bub, showing off his full set.



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One Response to “Teething is so, like, over!”

  1. Lisa | Mama.ie Says:

    I’m so jealous. We did a “tooth count” just recently and we’re only at 15 teeth. And my son is just over two and a half. I really feel the teething is never ending at this stage. 🙂

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