Badly behaved boy

Something happens to my Bub in the presence of other toddlers. He goes from being a mainly charming and sweet little boy into a bullying tyrant. Recently he’s started being really physical and he pushes and hits other kids sometimes. He uses his body to push them aside if they are in his way. And also pushes and hits for pure amusement too I think.

We try to stop him, tell him no, take him aside, even take him entirely away from the situation. But after a telling off it sometimes feels like he is even more single minded about doing it again.

I’m really hoping this is a brief phase. I hope as his language skills develop he’ll find other ways to interact with others. It’s horrible to be out and about worrying about his behaviour and having to prevent him upsetting other kids.

I’m really in need of a good book or website on discipline and boundary setting for toddlers. Any suggestions?


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5 Responses to “Badly behaved boy”

  1. Lisa | Says:

    I’m reading the No Cry Discipline Solution at the moment and find it quite good for ideas on how to promote good behaviour. It has been our experience with our son though that as his language skills have improved, the tantrums and acting out has decreased. I think a lot of the time he was acting out of frustration because he couldn’t communicate. Perhaps it’s the same for Bub?

    • jenmum Says:

      Thanks, I hope you are right. Great book recommendation. I love the no-cry sleep books but had forgotten that she had done a discipline one.

  2. tinyheartbeat Says:

    We had the exact same problem with L, at around the same age. L had excellent language skills and still the same ‘bully’ type issues. I did what you are doing, removing him, time out etc. made no difference. Then I changed tac and instead of giving L the attention when he did something bad, I focused on the other child and made a fuss of them, were they ok, giving them a hug etc. Within a matter of days – L changed his behaviour.

  3. Sleeping Mom Says:

    My son doesn’t really hit but I have heard suggestions on emphasizing empathy. When he hits another kid, talk about how the other kid feels (sad, hurt, etc.) and especially relate it to something how your son felt (“Remember how you fell yesterday and got hurt? That’s how that little girl feels right now.”).

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