On balancing out

Really liked this post from Existere today in which she talks about her feelings about being a stay at home mum to toddler twins.

I’m not a SAHM but work full time. However much of what she said struck a chord with me.

“The battle for me is: how do I give my children the best AND honour myself? Right now that seems like a seesaw. For every thing I want to give them, it means less that I can give myself. And much of what I want to do in raising creative, brave explorers of this world seems to negate me being able to have these things for myself. I tell myself it’ll get easier as they get older.”

I love my little Bub to bits and enjoy being with him. But I also enjoy not being with him too. (That feels like a very bad mother thing to say!) It’s hard to find any time or energy to do anything that isn’t for my work or for Bub. But I really do notice when I don’t get this chance to rest and recuperate. My mood sinks and I become a grumpy old mare.

Many friends are starting to have second children and this is pretty scary. We have moved to a stage where there is a bit of time for all in the family to have some space for themselves. It does worry me to think of losing it again.


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2 Responses to “On balancing out”

  1. DefiningMotherhood Says:

    Balance is a constant quest…but just being aware of the need to care for yourself seems like a good start (it’s obvious, but some moms forget). My thoughts on balance:

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