Potty training – a beginning

The hot weather has given us a chance to let Bub run around naked outside. It’s also marked a small beginning for our potty training.

Despite being 28 months Bub hasn’t really been showing any signs of readiness for potty training. He can’t speak much and has never previously said anything about being about to go or having done so. I think like many boy toddlers he’s pretty indifferent to it.

Coincidentally I’ve just looked back through this blog and it was a year ago today I first wrote wondering if I was behind the curve by not yet considering potty training. This was because Bub’s girl cousin of the same age was already getting started. She’s now fully trained, day and night. But all kids are different and I honestly don’t think he’d have been any more ready even if we’d tried to force the issue.

Having him run about naked has helped increase his awareness of when he’s going, or is about to go. We have a new laminate floor and he’s managed to wee on it about four times. The last time he did look down about two seconds before he went and said ‘oh no!’. Not great he’s weeing on the new floor but at least it’s not carpet! And at least he’s showing increased awareness.

He’s also started to pooh in the evening around bath time again. If I ask him if he needs to go (when I spot the very obvious signs) he will happily sit on the toilet and try to go. Though until a few days ago he found going in the bath much funnier than using the toilet. He’d actively try to pooh in the bath rather than toilet. But two days ago we used that age old potty training device – the bribe. We told him he’d get a special treat if he did a pooh in the toilet. And what do you know, he’s done four bath time poohs in the toilet since then. Reward was a spray of this dreadful sweet mixture called mega mouth which he totally loves.

It’s still very early days and he’s a long way off doing this properly. But we’ve now had several toilet poohs and at least a sign he has some awareness he’s about to do a wee. And a successful bribery method. Result!


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One Response to “Potty training – a beginning”

  1. Lisa | mama.ie (@mamadotie) Says:

    You must be delighted he’s making progress. At 28 months, I don’t think he’s late showing signs to train at all! I think any time between 24 and 42 months is pretty common. And as you said they are all different. My Little Man was 27 or 28 months when he day trained, and now at 31 months, he’s still not showing any sign of being ready for night training. But I figure it’ll happen when he’s ready.

    I think once they get the hang of pooing and weeing in the potty and have done it a few times, it just comes together very quickly, and within a couple of weeks, there is no looking back. I’m all about bribery for this! Stickers and chocolates worked a treat in our house! 🙂

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