Boy of few words

Bub has an appointment for a speech therapy consultation soon. We’ve had his hearing tested and thankfully no problems there. Next step is this consultation.

Not sure if they’ll just see us once or whether we’ll be invited to regular sessions. I’m also not sure how bad they’ll think Bub’s speech now is. It’s definitely miles better than when he was just two. Then he could only say ‘dada’ and ‘no’. Now at 28 months he can say a lot more, albeit sometimes quite garbled.

I thought it might be helpful preparation before our consultation if I tried to list all his words.

No way
I (meaning I, me, Bub)
I did it
Over there
Dja (for yes)
Oh no
Oh dear
Go over there (you probably have to be his parent to translate this order though)
Go up there (ditto)
Nuvva (another)
Mmmmm (for moo like a cow)
Two (the number)
Eight (the number)
Ssss (for the letter s)
Ooo (for the letter o)

Interestingly he’s just started characterising things as mummy things or daddy things. So our ‘grown up’ yogurts are ‘dada’ yogurts. But also animals are either dada animals or mama animals. Maybe this is because of his limited vocabulary or perhaps something many kids do?

He also does various non-speech noises for a few things.
A clicking noise – cat (like a cat eating noise)
Panting – dog
Sniffing – pig
Raaarrr – a monster/dragon
Tssss – a train or aeroplane noise

He also does a bit of signing.
– Moving his arm in a hitting motion with sound effect ‘uh, uh’ (sadly to imply hitting someone, or playing Angry Birds)
– Turning a car steering wheel (for car)
– Putting his finger in and out of his mouth (I’m hungry)
– Duck
– Waving
– Pointing

There are definitely sounds he never makes. I’ve never heard him do an ‘eee’ sound. So when he now says ‘mum’ I think he is trying to move from ‘mama’ to ‘mummy’ but just can’t finish the word. He loves numbers and can say two very happily. But when trying to show three he’ll hold up three fingers rather than try to say the word.

Be interesting to hear what they say. I’m reassured he’s much better than four months ago but still a very long way off his peers.


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