Not quite a BFP… yet!

A ‘secret’ post, which I shall make public if and when we decide to reveal the exciting news. Yes, I’m pregnant! Under four weeks pregnant actually. My period isn’t due for two more days. But I did a HPT a couple of days ago and got a faint second line. Have done a few more since too which have confirmed it.

This is only our second month of TTC. This is all a big contrast to last time around. Then we took 24 cycles to conceive Bub. That’s two dozen emotional roller coaster TTC cycles – almost two years. I finally got pregnant, naturally, after a bit of help from the NHS. I had some exploratory procedures which, whilst not finding any problems, did succeed (I think) in helping spring clean my insides. We conceived two cycles after this took place.

It’s clearly ridiculously early days. I don’t think last time around I was aware this soon after ovulation. However it does feel pretty similar. I’ve had an odd sensation in my abdomen for a couple of days. This happened with Bub too, I think it’s implantation. It’s not uncomfortable, just weird. Strangely reassuring in a funny way as it shows something is happening down there!

Have also just found out a couple of colleagues are pregnant too. My poor boss…


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2 Responses to “Not quite a BFP… yet!”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Congratulations! I saw a few posts ago that you were expecting another little one but this flurry of posts reminded me to say something. Take good care of yourself xx

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