Bub has a new obsession. Something that seems to have engrossed him even more than all those that have come before. And one that’s much more gruesome.

He’s fascinated by train crashes.

Not real ones, of course. But train crashes involving Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. You may not know but there are thousands of homemade YouTube videos out there, (like this one), all featuring toy trains crashing into other toy trains. And almost all using the same irritating music.

Bub can use the iPhone like a pro. Give him half a chance and he’s opened up YouTube, gone to the history, found a recent clip and he’s away. Even when playing with his own toys he’ll now seek to crash the cars and trains together. Or throw them off high places. He’s also got a new word – bump! He shouts this intermittently as the trains fall or collide.

Bub is definitely shaping up to be a real little bump fan. And given that many of these homemade videos have several million hits it appears that many, many other kids are also fascinated by this kind of thing too.

Bub’s toy trains queue up to jump off the edge and bump down below.


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