Childbirth: I can do it, so can you!

Nice story in the Guardian today about the benefits of a positive birth story. During the later stages of my pregnancy I attended a lovely birth preparation group. One of the key features was women telling their stories. Not every story went exactly as the mother had originally planned, some even included quite extensive intervention and even c-section. But in each birth they’d been able to play an active role (physically and emotionally) and didn’t regret their experience. I really enjoyed the classes and credit them with my successful home birth. I was also delighted to go back a few months later to share my own story.

The article underlines the power of a positive story:

Mavis Kirkham, emeritus professor of midwifery at Sheffield Hallam University, is enthusiastic about the potential impact of positive birth stories: “A woman who has never heard an empowering birth story is unlikely to produce one. We tend to achieve our expectations around birth and positive stories help raise women’s expectations.”

In the spirit of sharing birth stories and sharing experiences you can find a link to my story here. This also includes some links to other resources including other home birth stories.


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