I’d forgotten how rubbish early pregnancy can be. No, actually, that’s not quite true. I did remember but I convinced myself it wasn’t too bad. Either that or it’s a lot worse this time around.

We’re now seven weeks pregnant. Woo hoo! All good stuff. Though actually I’m having to look long term to find anything good at the moment.

I’m pretty sure this is different to last time around. I don’t feel nauseous, as such. More like I’m operating on 70% and just on the verge of getting very ill. That feeling is pretty constant, unfortunately. I don’t know if it’s worse to feel crap, but not sick, all the time or to feel sick some of the time. Probably the first one. But either way it’s pretty rubbish. I’m also extremely tired and need at least nine hours a night to function the next day.

I had lots of plans to keep running in early pregnancy. That’s all gone out the window. I try to walk more but it’s not the same. I hope to do more exercise once this lifts but I’m not sure what or how as I can’t run once I start getting a bump.

I’m clinging to dim memories that my morning sickness started to lift at around nine weeks last time. I really hope that’s the same this time around. I’ve had two weeks solid of feeling unwell and really don’t want it any longer than absolutely necessary.


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