Vitamins vs pregnancy sickness

Still feeling like crap thanks to morning sickness. Though I may have found something to help alleviate it a little.

I read that taking a good pregnancy multivitamin can help with early pregnancy sickness. However I didn’t start to take one till earlier this week because I had some cheap Folic acid tablets I thought would be just as good. Boy was I wrong!

Within hours of taking my first Pregnacare pill I felt the most human I had in weeks. General feeling of unwellness lifted almost entirely. Not 100% perfect but much better.

There does appear to be some rationale for this. Vitamin B6 is said to be helpful in reducing morning sickness. And my new vitamins include a fairly high dose of this. And in doing some research for this post I found details of a proper medical trial which backed this up.

I’m at eight weeks now and have felt crap since week five. I’m really hoping this lifts soon as it’s making it hard to feel positive and get excited about expecting Bub mk 2!

I also found this fab website dedicated to sickness in early pregnancy which has lots of helpful ideas and access to support.


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