First scan and an amended due date

Our first scan with baby number two. All fine with the little one it seems which is fab and a great relief. Plus confirmation that there is only one baby, I was getting a bit paranoid it might be twins for some reason.

As I has feared they moved my due date backwards a fair bit. I calculate I’m 14w1d today and the scan said 15w1d. Baby was a full cm longer than they’d expect apparently. I’ve already taken into account my shortened cycles with my dates so this new due date implies I ovulated/conceived ridiculously early in my cycle.

I probably wouldn’t think anything of it but this also happened with Bub. My calculated due date (adjusted for cycle length) was the 21st and I had a 7 week scan which shifted the due date to the 16th. I then had a 12 week scan which shifted the date to the 12th. A full 9 days before I’d calculated but fortunately the midwives agreed to use the 16th as my official date as apparently earlier scans are more accurate for dating. Bub was eventually born on the 26th so if I’d only had the 12th as my due date everyone would have been panicking and I’d probably have been induced.

So I’m a little sceptical about my new due date. I’m a little fearful of getting induced because of a misdiagnosed date. However I guess it’s great that’s all there was to worry about and everything else with the little baby appears to be just fine.


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