DIY water feature

Inadvertently ended up doing a whole day nappy free today. Bub just didn’t want one on this morning so we decided to go with it. For a boy who has never previously shown any real toilet control it was pretty successful.

Not that this means he actually used the potty, of course. Sadly that happy moment is still someway off.

But he did show that he can hold off weeing when he wants to. And he told us either before or whilst doing a wee or poo all day.

But I think we may have made a tactical mistake…

We were outside and Bub hadn’t yet done a wee all day. Bub’s daddy then told him it might be fun to stand at the top of his play slide and do a wee down the slide. Yes, hilarious… Anyway, Bub thought this was very amusing and immediately did it. And then did a poo at the top of the slide too. And then later when he wanted to do another poo he ran out into the garden, up the slide and did it again.

Today’s potty training scores:

In the potty/toilet: zero
Accidents: two
On the slide: two

Feels like one step forward, one back but at least it’s a start!


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