Three wee victory

Still only potty training on an occasional and fairly toddler-led basis. But definitely signs of progress.

Bub had a bit of nappy free time today. He was eating his tea when he got down, shouted wee, ran to the potty and tried to remove his trousers. I helped him with this and then he did the world’s tiniest wee on the potty. High fives all round! He gets a haribo sweet for every wee in the potty which is helping incentivise. So far, in total, he’s had three. So still early days but good progress.

We have created a bit of a rod for our own back though. Bub is obsessed with the fact that ‘daddah wee up’ whereas ‘mummah no wee up’. As a boy he wants to wee standing up, like daddy. So he won’t sit on the potty to go. At best he’ll stand or squat over it. This is pretty messy and far from ideal. But he wants to do it like daddy and so won’t countenance doing it any differently.


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2 Responses to “Three wee victory”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Get daddy to wee “not up” as well! Go bub 🙂 well done.

  2. Potty progress « Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] Don't wake the baby! A mum on a mission to find some sleep « Three wee victory […]

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