Potty progress

Amazing potty training progress from Bub today. I’m so pleased we stuck with a toddler-led and relaxed approach as it’s paid off dividends.

Bub’s daddy was looking after him today and they went for a totally nappy free day. It was pretty clear Bub was broadly ready but we were still expecting plenty of accidents.

It went perfectly. Three poos in the potty and about eight or so wees. All done in the potty with not so much as a splash on the floor.

Our main problem was the copious amount of haribo sweets Bub was eating, one for each successful use of the potty. I think the poor boy felt a bit sick by the end of the day.

Bub’s daddy even managed to sort the ‘I wee up’ problem by making sitting down part of the deal to get a haribo. And Bub was happily wearing pants all day too.

This is still early days of course. They stayed in all day and were able to give it a lot of attention. Tomorrow they are going out but will probably use a nappy for that. On Friday Bub has nursery where we might go nappy free if it feels the right choice. Going forward I think the logistics of always having a potty on hand and being able to use it quickly enough will be a trial. For this reason it may be me slowing the training in future, if he’ll let me, rather than Bub’s readiness being the hold up.

So, early days still but progressing at a rate far faster than I ever imagined. Well done Bub!

Oh and here’s a tastefully edited shot of Bub showing an ‘offering’ he was particularly proud of.



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