Blue or pink?

Had our twenty week scan today. I’m delighted to say that all appears fine with the little one. However you’ll note that I say ‘little one’ not ‘little boy’ or ‘girl’. This is because unfortunately the operator couldn’t tell the baby’s gender. He or she had his or her legs in the way and nothing would shift them.

I’m a bit disappointed. I think knowing if it’s a boy or girl would have really helped make it feel much more real. And would have really helped me prepare myself for the new arrival. But at the same time it’s kind of exciting to still have both possibilities there.

First time around I really thought I was expecting a girl. I’m one of four girls and just couldn’t imagine not having a girl. I was a bit upset for a few days when I found out via a scan that Bub was a boy. Now of course i’m totally fine with it and couldn’t imagine him any other way. But for a few days I was a bit down. For that reason I’m really glad we found out when we did.

This time I’m more ambivalent. A girl would be lovely but the idea of two brothers is nice too. We could get a private scan but I really don’t want to. I think we might just have to wait in limbo for another twenty weeks or so. Of course the suspense might get too much for me, hard to say for sure!

(The eagle eyed or medically trained may spot that the above picture is not from a twenty week scan. You’d be right. It is instead our earlier scan done about five weeks ago.)


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