Potty training… tick :-)

Thought it was time for a potty training update. To be honest it’s going so smoothly I’ve almost forgotten we are still ‘training’. Bub is now happily dry all day with only a small handful of accidents since he was persuaded to do that first wee on the potty. These are mostly when he is out and about or very distracted in some other way.

We have skipped using pull-up pants in general. I have resorted to nappies for lengthy car journeys, just to make life easier, but try to resist if possible. The annoying thing is having to carry a potty everywhere. I really think there is a gap in the market for a fold-up travel potty. Surely someone could invent something like this? I’d be a very willing customer.

Bub is still eating too many Haribo sweets, for my liking. The bribery has worked a treat but we are now trying to give them only if he insists. Seems not to be impacting on the wee hit rate so hopefully we can continue to scale back on these.

We also have a few issues with Bub not wanting to keep his trousers on after using the potty. That is getting annoying and given the weather I’m sure it’s pretty cold for him too.

And that’s about it. He’s doing phenomenally well and I feel really vindicated in waiting until he showed signs of being really ready. It’s been almost as if he taught himself. Well done Bub!


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2 Responses to “Potty training… tick :-)”

  1. tinyheartbeat Says:

    I used this one when we were out and about. It was FAB. Seals and keeps contents in, if there is no where suitable to dispose of it.


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