Pelvic girdle pain

Over twenty three weeks into the pregnancy and definitely showing a bump now. Unfortunately I’m also sporting the ‘pregnancy waddle’ which is more often associated with women much nearer their impending birth.

I’m experiencing pelvic girdle pain (PGP), also known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). I had my first twinges at around sixteen weeks and have had aches in and around my pelvis and hips on and off since then.

I had PGP in my first pregnancy too. Fortunately I sought chiropractic treatment from the early symptoms so it never got too bad. As I’m aware that I’m susceptible this time around I’ve been taking precautions. No running, little walking, supportive shoes etc. It’s frustrating not to be able to walk much. I know it’d be good for be to get more exercise. But even walking for fifteen minutes leaves me feeling it.

At the moment it’s not too bad. More an ache than a pain. But it does worry me to have this so early and doesn’t bode well for later in the pregnancy. I’ve made an appointment with a wonderful midwife turned chiropractor who helped me out last pregnancy so hopefully she can work her magic again.

I have also been revisiting some websites I found incredibly helpful first time around. Really recommend the Pelvic Partnership website.

It says that whilst pelvic pain in pregnancy is common it is not normal and treatment should be sought. Often the roots are linked to your joints not your hormones, hence why chiropractic treatment can be so helpful.

Unfortunately my iPhone pregnancy calendar app is not quite so clued up on PGP. You can in theory list all your pregnancy symptoms on the app. Acne, dizziness and nosebleeds all feature. But pelvic pain is not an option you can choose. Not great for something up to one in four pregnant women are likely to experience at some point during their pregnancy.


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