Suddenly we have nouns!

Bub’s talking has taken a quantum leap this week. He’s suddenly discovered nouns and a whole new world if words has opened up.

Regular Bub-watchers will recall that he is very behind in his speaking. At two and three quarters he is about a year behind his peers. His understanding is all there, and we know his hearing is fine, but the words just don’t come out.

He was particularly funny about nouns. He could say a handful of nouns – chair, brother, ter (car), haribo… But virtually no others.

However all this may be about to change. All of a sudden this week we’ve had the following:

Cheese, hair, pear, beer, bum, toast, toaster, quiche, ham, orange, twos (shoes), poker (!), car, balloon, air, george, cup of tea, cat, bus, church, moon, train and more I can’t remember right now.

Bub also said ‘I luv mumma’ which was of course my very favourite new thing of all.


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