Playing dress up

Bub has suddenly discovered dressing up. And he loves it. This comes from Halloween I think when he went out with his Daddy trick or treating.

He’s been wearing a toy fruit basket on his head for a week or so. He refers to it as ‘I hat’ and was quite put out for a brief period when we couldn’t find it.

This has continued at nursery where he’s been raiding their fancy dress box. I picked him up today and he was wearing a blue cap, scarf and two monster gloves on his hands.

He also enjoys wearing our shoes and wrapping clothes round his neck as a scarf.

I think this might also be linked into potty training and his increased ability to put on and take off his clothes.

Here is Bub sporting a rather fetching green Lego box hat.


And here he is asleep on the sofa, complete with ‘I hat’ and snake.



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