Two flies get out

Bub has an interesting new favourite film. It’s Jumanji, which is a kids film about a rather unpleasant board game. The kids in the film play the game and on each turn something bad happens, often involving some very antisocial animals.


Not really the ideal film for a two year old then. But he is fascinated by it and begs to watch it daily.

There are many animals in the film, which I’m sure is one reason why he loves it. Mischievous monkeys, stampeding elephants and rhinos, crocodiles, a lion, giant spiders. All the animal action any kid could want. But his favourite bit is near the very start when, in his words, “two flies get out”. This is the bit where several mosquitoes appear and then crash through a window and fly away. It lasts about fifteen seconds but that fifteen seconds delights him. He even calls the film “two flies get out” in reference to that.

I’m not sure it’s a wholly appropriate film for a two year old. In parts it’s quite scary and I know he is often equal parts terrified and fascinated. But he asks for it so much it’s hard to refuse him. Plus getting the chance for a nice toddler cuddle on the sofa for an hour is a rare treat!


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