Worst evening yet for SPD this pregnancy. Definitely moving from ‘aching but ok’ territory into ‘painful and uncomfortable’.

All this caused by taking Bub out a couple of times today. Both times I went to put him in the car he ran away and I had to catch and carry him. And foolishly I didn’t take reins when I took him shopping and he ran away several times. Once running the whole length of Tesco. He just ignores my shouting and whilst I can just about keep pace with him I struggle to catch him. I won’t make that mistake again!

Still got 12 weeks of pregnancy to go so got to be careful if it’s this bad already. I’m limiting my walking when I can and it’s mostly ok. Seeing a chiropractor seems to be helping and I’m sure the fact my weight hasn’t gone up too much is helping too. But it’s the toddler chasing and carrying that is really getting me into difficulties.

In case you are reading this because you have similar symptoms I recommend the Pelvic Partnership website. I also recently found the Pelvic Instability Network site.


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3 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. Mariajose Says:

    Hey. Not too familiar with what you have but I hope you feel better. I have back problems and I know what “aching but ok” and “painful and uncomfortable” is. But I do have a question? Why are you limiting your walking? Isn’t that usually better with the pregnancy? Is it something due to SPD?

    • jenmum Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Good question on the walking. I am limiting it in sense if doing far less than before I was pregnant. I find it leaves me aching and sore if I do more than about fifteen minutes or so. But I am not sure whether or not walking is a good thing for SPD, welcome others views.

      • Mariajose Says:

        You should probably talk about it with your doctor. Usually, walking is very beneficial to the pregnancy. If he/she says its ok then maybe you can break the walking down into 3 sessions of 10 minutes per day so that you don’t overload either.

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