Birth intervention

Interesting article in today’s Guardian about mothers campaigning against excessive birth intervention.

It’s a highly charged debate and pretty relevant to me as I enter the home straight of this pregnancy. I have to say that a desire to avoid unnecessary intervention was one of my reasons for having a home birth last time. Though concerns about having to travel to hospital in labour, wanting dual midwife care and being in my own environment were probably my primary reasons for opting for home birth.

My birth experience last time around was a positive one and I know that there was a big element of luck in this. It could have been very different and I might be writing this saying I wished I’d never opted for home birth. With the hindsight of one birth experience I’m a bit more anxious about what to choose but right now think home birth is what I want to try for again. And for the same reasons I had first time around.

This pregnancy has contrasted with my last one in many ways. It’s definitely tougher when you also have a toddler to chase after. But I’ve also experienced more medicalised care this time around. Last time I was low risk all the way. No issues or concerns to raise a red flag. This time I’ve been under consultant led care because of the risk I may have a large baby. All based on the fact that Bub was over ten pounds. I’ve no problem with this as I can see it’s a sensible precaution and so far they have agreed I can have a home birth so long as there are no other warning signs of an impending sumo baby.

One part of the article I think is probably pretty accurate is that consultants and doctors in hospital have very little experience of natural, healthy and straightforward pregnancy and birth. Understandable I guess given they deal almost exclusively with complicated situations. My consultant was clearly a bit surprised and taken aback when I said I wanted to consider home birth. This contrasts with my local midwives, all of whom have had home birth experience, and who have been broadly supportive.

I have eight weeks to go and a fair while before any definite decisions will be taken about the birth etc. I hope the consultants and midwives continue to be as open to my views as they have been to date. And I really hope I don’t come to regret my choices either.

What is your experience of birth? Do you feel there is a need for the campaign outlined in the article?


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