Christmas through the eyes of a two year old

Bub’s third Christmas and his first where he’s had a reasonable understanding of what is going on.

It’s lovely to view Christmas through the eyes of a young child. The lights, the tree, the advent calendar, the special cake. It’s all been exciting and fun.

Seeing Bub’s take on Father Christmas has been particularly interesting. He met him twice recently at nursery. The first time he got to watch all the other kids meet Santa too so felt pretty comfortable when it came to sitting with Santa and talking to him. The second time he was in a grotto which removed the element of preparation and he found Santa rather intimidating and could barely look at him.

Both times he was very clear what he wanted as a present. Haribo! This is also his suggestion for every gift we should have bought everyone else too.
Bub really enjoyed putting out his stocking on Christmas Eve, alongside a carrot for the reindeer and a mince pie for Santa. His two year old cousin was around too which helped add to the growing toddler excitement levels.

In the event the haribo sweets were very welcome. But it was dinosaur toys that really caught his attention this year. A definite top toddler boy toy favourite for the moment!
The whole experience was complete this afternoon though as Father Christmas dropped by with a few more gifts. He asked all the good boys and girls to put up their hands and he did it straight away. So cute!


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