Counting down…

Now Christmas is out of the way I’m starting to get my head in gear for our impending arrival. Less than five weeks till our due date…

Not that we’re in any way prepared mind you. I’ve not sorted my emergency hospital bag/box or got out any baby things. These are all in various piles and boxes throughout the house having been returned by friends who had borrowed them.

I’ve also no birth plan (though I did read through my last one the other day). And our birth pool is in various dusty boxes in the garage, presuming we haven’t lost any if it.

All in all this is a bit worrying. Time is ticking on and I’m currently not in the slightest bit prepared. I got a bit of a shock today when my mum told me my younger sisters were a couple of weeks early. Oh dear, that’s quite a scary prospect!

At least we are progressing with something. Bub’s bedroom has been a real eyesore since we moved house. Incompletely removed wallpaper and a carpet with holes in it. But finally, only 14 months after moving in, we are doing something about it. He’s getting blue painted walls, a new wooden floor, new curtains, some new furniture and a Buzz Lightyear transfer on the wall. He’s most excited about Buzz. The job is only half done but will be complete in a week or so. And then I can FINALLY get around to having a baby!!


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