Pregnant in Bristol? Useful resources

Bristol has a booming pregnancy and birth economy with many, many resources and services for expectant mums. Having (almost) had two babies in the city here are some of the things I’ve found most useful.

Pregnancy yoga & active birth with Vivien Tallis-Evans. Viv also hires out TENS machines and can lend birth pools. Her no nonsense approach helped me enormously in preparing for Bub’s arrival.

Relaxed birth & parenting with Dominique. Another lovely weekly birth preparation class.

Christine Andrew is a chiropractor and former midwive who specialises in treating pelvic pain in pregnancy. Christine has kept me mobile through pelvic pain in both pregnancies.

Bristol NCT who not only run classes but also hold nearly new sales and several postnatal cafes across the city.

Bristol Home Birth Group which meets monthly and is a chance to find out more about home birth.

Bristol’s positive birth stories offers the chance to read about inspiring births at home and in hospital.

The shop Born in Bishopston is full of gorgeous things. The staff are also a font of knowledge.

The Essential Guide to Breastfeeding in Bristol is crammed with breastfeeding info including details of local support groups.

That’s just a few of the many wonderful services available to pregnant mums in Bristol. Let me know if you have some recommendations I might have missed.


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