Routine for a three year old

Preparing for the birth of our little one has also involved planning for the care of Bub whilst I’m in labour. I’m hoping for a home birth and I know lots of mums happily birth with their kids around but I don’t think this would work for me. So Bub is off to stay with his Aunty. It’s rather odd not knowing exactly when it’ll be, or over what time period, so we’ve had to plan for it being potentially over two days including an unprecedented night away from us.

I’ve packed Bub’s bag which has more in than my emergency hospital bag. I’ve also done a note outlining his usual routine and sleeping habits. I thought I’d share for posterity and in case anyone is interested in the day to day routine of a just-three year old.

It should be noted that Bub has an unusual schedule. He gets up late and goes to bed late which suits his night owl daddy and means I get to see lots of him when I get home from work. It’s also pretty variable – sometimes he’s up for 8am, other times not till 11am. We generally play it by ear assuming he takes the sleep he needs. Ditto his food. Sometimes he is massively hungry and eats almost adult portions, other times next to nothing. Again we try to stay relaxed about this and let him decide his needs.

Bub approx routine

9-10am Wake up, have beaker warm milk and maybe a biscuit. Don’t wake him, follow his lead.

Get dressed

10.30am-ish Breakfast (usually cereal)

2.00pm-ish Lunch

7.00pm-ish Tea

8.00pm Bath time

8.45pm Beaker warm milk, story and bedtime

Drinks (water or very diluted squash or juice) available all day. Snacks (preferably fruit) if desired mid-morning and afternoon.

Bub wears pants in the day and a nappy over night. He wears a poppered vest, pyjamas and sleeping bag over his night nappy. No duvet. If the room might get cold keep his socks on and put a blanket over him when asleep. He has a single flat pillow. He needs a bed guard to stop him rolling out of bed, or put the mattress on the floor. He has a small nightlight (gro-egg), this needs to be out of reach for safety. The room will ideally have quite thick curtains to stop him waking too early.

Bub uses a potty and also likes to use the toilet. He tends to get a reward of a haribo sweet after each use but if he doesn’t request one don’t give it as we are keen to phase this out.


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