Late pregnancy niggles

Late pregnancy isn’t a fun time. Am uncomfortable and apprehensive about what’s to come. Looking forward to meeting our baby but a bit scared and nervous about the birth. Am also feeling my SPD quite badly now, it’s enough to make most moving around fairly unpleasant.

Last time around, once Bub had arrived, I looked back on late pregnancy quite fondly. I think this was mainly down to sleep deprivation, rather than anything wonderful about this stage itself. I just remembered it as a time I could sleep in and pop out for meals at the drop of a hat.

But I’m keen to capture a more accurate picture of my daily routine right now, without the rose tinted view I’ll no doubt later adopt once I’m getting zero sleep. So here’s my current ‘typical’ late pregnancy day:

  • Go for a wee
  • Try to get comfy lying on my left side on the sofa
  • Switch to other side, realise not comfy either
  • Get climbed on by my toddler who has taken to continually trying to sit on my head
  • Get up off sofa, curse my pelvic pain
  • Sit on birth ball for a bit, till toddler turfs me off for his own go
  • Eat something, get heartburn, have a Rennie
  • Chase toddler around house trying to get him to eat, wee, put on clothes etc whilst he easily defies me by staying deftly out of reach
  • Go for a wee
  • Repeat throughout day…

Due date is Thursday. Bub was ten days overdue and at the moment I’ve no idea whether the birth is going to be tomorrow or two weeks from now. My due date was shifted forward following my scans so it could be still quite a long time to go. Am trying to focus on the positive (like sleep!!) and take each day as it comes.


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One Response to “Late pregnancy niggles”

  1. Lisa | Says:

    I hear you! I’m a few weeks behind you, but feeling the discomfort all the same. I’ve another 3.5 weeks at work, and I can feel myself wishing them away, even though I promised myself at the start of this year that I would try to live in the present rather than wishing everything away! Still though, it’s hard to appreciate the present when you can’t get comfy! 🙂

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