Put telly on mummy!

I remember when my Bub could barely say two words. It wasn’t that long ago. Now he is really getting somewhere with his speaking. We even get sentences like this one he said the other day:

“Put telly on mummy, make [Bub] happy.”

How can you argue with that!

He is very active but does love his tv. We have Netflix which means when not watching Cbeebies we often put on films or tv series. His current favourites include:

Inspector Gadget (80s cartoon series)
Toy Story (1,2 & 3)
Ghostbusters (1 & 2)
Godzilla (80s cartoon series)
Land before time (dinosaur cartoons that seem to number up to at least 15)
Jumanji (which he calls ‘two flies get out’)
Jurassic Park (he doesn’t find it scary, though some of it is a bit inappropriate)
Thomas the Tank Engine
Mister Maker (a Cbeebies fave)


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