Sitting around a hole…

Still ‘sitting around a hole’ as my active birth teacher so aptly puts it. Am now eight days overdue, according to my ‘official’ due date. Keep getting a few signs that make us think ‘maybe tonight…’ And then nothing happens. Can only be a matter of time but this uncertainty is certainly fraying my nerves a bit.

I know that labour is inhibited by feeling stressed and having loads of adrenaline rushing around your system. But it’s hard not to feel excited/nervous if I think things might be getting near. And then I can’t sleep and stress builds etc etc.

It’s not helped by the looming possibility of hospital induction. Clearly if necessary we’ll go down that route. But I really hope it won’t be required. A few more days yet before those discussions begin but they won’t help my efforts to relax!

I’m also not convinced my official due date, based on scans, is accurate. I have very regular cycles and calculated my due date as yesterday (21st). But my first scan, based on size, amended this to the 14th. A whole seven days earlier. The baby’s size is used for this, but I’m under consultant care precisely because of my record of big babies. So in my book this makes a due date based purely on the theory that all babes are the same size at 14/15 weeks gestation a bit weak. So maybe I’m only one day overdue not eight…

Either way induction will likely be on cards in a week or so – if not for being overdue then for the whopping size this baby will be by then. He was estimated at eight pounds, give or take a pound, over three weeks ago. I dread to think how big he might be now… Given Bub was just over ten pounds this doesn’t phase me too much but it’s not exactly a reassuring and calming thing to contemplate….

Anyway have resolved to try to relax as much as possible and think happy thoughts. Please send any inspiration and good vibes my way 🙂


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