Baby :-)

Baby Bum arrived today at 2.22am in the morning. Of course this isn’t his real name – we still need to come up with a blog pseudonym (and a real name!) But for now let’s stick to the name his big brother has taken to calling him – so welcome Baby Bum.

Eventful birth. I’d hoped for a home birth but my blood pressure was too high during labour so we transferred into hospital. Ambulance, blues n twos, the whole shebang. Baby was born literally within five minutes of getting to the hospital. My waters broke immediately on arrival and in four pushes he was out. All rather dramatic and exciting (and so near to him being born on route!) The ambulance men were still in the room apparently when he popped out. Though at the time I was very much out of it on gas and air and am rather hazy on the details.

But that’s a story for another time. Will hopefully write up my birth story as I did for Bub. But for now just want to enjoy my little babe and the fact he’s currently sleeping!


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2 Responses to “Baby :-)”

  1. benlowndes Says:

    Great news, many congratulations!

  2. Lisa | Says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful news!

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