Waiting on milk and vomiting bugs

Ugh! It’s only 11am but this day is definitely turning into a duff one.

Baby’s feeding frenzy hasn’t stopped. He’s been feeding ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! Starting 7.30am yesterday he’s had barely more than fifteen minutes at a stretch off the breast. He finishes one side and immediately wants the other. Am shattered as got zero sleep last night. Fortunately I’ve been able to do side-lying nursing which is restful but couldn’t sleep as each feed is pretty short and then he wants the other side. Am hoping desperately for my milk to come in any second so he can get some satisfaction and maybe sleep for more than ten minutes at a time. And for me to therefore be able to do the same!! I really don’t remember things being this intense from the off with Bub. But then Baby has shown a much stronger interest in feeding from the very start.

And to add to our challenges Bub has a vomiting bug. He was up all night being sick and so his poor daddy didn’t get a wink of sleep either. So we are both shattered and like zombies today. Poor Bub still can’t hold down any water. Am really hoping Baby doesn’t get this so we are maintaining a bit of an exclusion zone with me and him stuck in the bedroom. And to be fair I really don’t want it either!

And today is apparently when the baby blues are due to kick in too. Oh dear…


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