Oh thank goodness, the milk has arrived…

My milk has finally arrived and Baby has FINALLY slowed down on the frenetic feeding.

Without any exaggeration he was feeding every fifteen minutes or so from 7.30am on Thursday to around 1am on Saturday. Then he seemed to be getting a little more satisfaction and started going about an hour between feeds. This still meant virtually no sleep for me last night but compared to the fifteen minute regime was a joy. And this afternoon a couple of feeds have been interspersed by two or three hour sleeps.

Phew! I know things won’t feel ‘normal’ for a long time but getting to point where I can get ANY sleep would be amazing right now.

Baby also had his first weight check today. He’s dropped down but well within the 10% tolerance so no worries there.

Here he is looking perkier, and still very plump, at three days old.


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One Response to “Oh thank goodness, the milk has arrived…”

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    […] went very smoothly. Second time around I found the first few days tough (and painful) as Baby fed for 48 hours solid till my milk came in. But otherwise no major issues. Baby is much more of a snacker, eating little and often. He does […]

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