Hello sleep I’ve missed you :-)

Ah, sleep! What a wonderful thing and only fully appreciated when it isn’t easily available.

Fortunately Baby is now getting a bit more satisfaction from his feeds which means I’m finally getting a bit of sleep again. Not loads, of course, but enough to begin to function as a human being again.

He is still a ferocious eater though and when awake it’s rare to get a moment when he’s not rooting around for food. Last night we did spend about ten minutes with him looking at me and around which was really nice.

Hopefully this might be a ray of light to anyone struggling with the first few days breastfeeding. It was really tough for a while, painful and unrelenting, but did calm down and become manageable. Not to say this will continue indefinitely as I’m sure there are many more growth spurts to come. But for now it’s going well.

And Bub’s granny is here to help take the strain of looking after and distracting him which is also lovely.


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2 Responses to “Hello sleep I’ve missed you :-)”

  1. evidencebasedtitsandteeth Says:

    The first six weeks are crucial for building up a good milk supply so feed, feed and feed some more. It’s very normal, I promise! You sound like you’re doing an amazing job and already getting enough sleep to function?! You’re onto a winner!

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