Eight hours sleep??? OMG!!

OMG!! Baby slept for eight hours last night. From just gone midnight to eight am. Bloody hell!!

Of course just because Baby slept well it doesn’t mean I did. I woke up repeatedly at the slightest snuffle and then struggled to sleep thinking that he was always just about to wake up. And then by morning my boobs hurt and I was lying in puddles of milk. Yuck!

Am sure this isn’t going to be a regular thing but wanted to capture the moment. In future when I’m being woken hourly I can look back on this post nostalgically.

And of course if I do happen to have a super sleeper on my hands, who will now regularly sleep eight hours, I’ll have to become super smug and mention it at all opportunities. As a blogger who has focused on sleep, given our challenges with Bub, this could force a change of blog name!


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2 Responses to “Eight hours sleep??? OMG!!”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Please please please let it be the super sleeper scenario :). And be as smug as possible. Xx good luck!

  2. Baby ‘routine’ at two weeks | Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] nighttime sleep has shifted from that wonderful eight hours he miraculously did the other night. No nighttime cluster feeds is good. But I don’t think […]

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