First bath time

Baby had his first bath today. At eleven days old that’s probably quite late but what can I say, I’m a lazy mummy…

Eleven days is roughly the age Bub was when he had his first bath too. That felt like a major operation which required lots of preparation. This time around we were much more laid back. Poor Baby didn’t even have a proper bath tub and had to make do with an Ikea storage container. I got sick of the tub taking up space and threw it away ages ago.

For all that Baby seemed to really enjoy his bath. He was totally chilled throughout, relaxed and happy. A contrast to Bub who screamed through his, though in hindsight I think his bath was too cold as we were being super cautious. Baby had a nice 37 degree soak and was very content, though this picture doesn’t really do justice to his chillaxed attitude.


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