Pattern spotting

Baby is now over two weeks old. Time flies! Feels like an age and the blink of an eye at the same time.

He was about four days old when the first person asked me if he was ‘in a routine’ yet. A question that begs a thousand answers, beginning with – at four days how would you ever know?!?

The whole issue of routines tends to bring out strong opinions. Before Bub was born I felt very resistant to the whole idea of a routine. I hated routine for myself and wanted to be free and easy and go with the flow with my child. And of course for the first few months you have little choice. But then I realised that having some pattern to the day helped me feel more on top of things. Plus Bub responded really well to regularity and it was the only thing that really helped with his sleep.

So I’m now quite a convert to the idea of a routine for little ones (though not at four days old!!) With Bub I didn’t push him into a particular routine. Instead it was more a question of observing his patterns and then doing my best to support and stick to them. This changed over time, dropping naps etc, but was pretty successful.

So with Baby I’m keen, in due course, to do the same. At the moment things are still changing constantly. And will probably continue to do so for several weeks. But hopefully in time we can find a rhythm to the day which works for us all.


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