Baby ‘routine’ at two weeks

Following on from yesterday’s post about patterns and routines I thought I’d write about Baby’s current day. Not because this is his ‘routine’ or even because I think this will last more than a few days, but because I want to capture how things are right now.

Baby has been a real cluster feeder since birth. He has periods of super feeding where he seems insatiable and can feed for hours, quite literally. But increasingly these are becoming less frequent and he’s having more ‘normal’ feeds.

Last few days the pattern has been:

Morning (8-11.30 ish) – Cluster feeding, interspersed with little alert times and micro naps

Lunchtime (12-2 ish) – Sleep

Afternoon (2-5 ish) – Cluster feeding, alert times and micro naps

Tea time (5-7 ish) – Sleep

Evening (7-9 ish) – Cluster feeding, alert time and micro naps

Night (9-8 ish) – Around 2 to 2 and a half hour sleeps interspersed by ‘normal’ feeds. Then back to sleep, usually pretty quickly. Sadly whilst he gets lots of sleep I don’t – been averaging a broken six hours a night which is not enough…

Now I have written it out it’s clear there is still quite a lot of cluster feeding going on! This can be a bit challenging as it’s hard to do much when he’s so keen to feed. Though fortunately I’m tending to get a bit of a break around meal times!

His nighttime sleep has shifted from that wonderful eight hours he miraculously did the other night. No nighttime cluster feeds is good. But I don’t think he’s as full (or tired) from the normal feeds as he’s only going a couple of hours or so between feeds. Much more standard newborn behaviour but having seen that he can do the odd long stretch of sleep I’d love to get a little more!!


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