Big birthas

Have come across a new website, Big Birthas, which aims to provide information for larger mums to be.

As someone who is overweight, and was much heavier for baby two than baby one, I was worried about how this might impact my antenatal care and birth planning. Fortunately, and slightly surprisingly, my weight was never raised with me as an issue. I had expected it might be and did a fair bit of reading about high BMI and home birth before my booking appointment. But it never came up. Instead it was actually Bub’s weight (over ten pounds at birth) that put me into a higher risk category and under consultant led care..

However I can appreciate that a site like this would have been very useful when I was doing my online research into pregnancy with a higher BMI. For instance this article about water birth is really informative and relevant to many with high BMI (a friend of mine was told she couldn’t use a hospital birth pool due to her weight.)

As Big Birtha says:

Being bigger when getting pregnant is associated with greater risks, it’s true. It would be naive to ignore those risks. And when those risks do arise, extra care is needed, as with anyone experiencing problems, but Big Birtha’s perspective is that those risks have become overexaggerated, and misrepresented, and the treatment of larger women is becoming overcautious and overmedicalised as a result.

Most overweight pregnant women go on to have normal pregnancies, with no complications. And yet they are not treated accordingly; as any other normal pregnant woman, which aside from anything else, is a shame as doing so could save the NHS a fortune!

If we bigger women want to be treated normally, we need to take control of the facts and information available and fight our corner to get the births we deserve and are capable of.

Check out the site here.


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