Green poo

No baby blog is complete without discussion of baby’s poo. I bet you were all waiting with baited breath for an update on Baby’s bowel movements. I’m right, aren’t I?

Anyway we’ve had a bit of a switch from mustardy colour to green these last few days. Not particularly pretty.

I remember this with Bub. I think it’s down to him having a bit too much foremilk. At the moment I have quite a strong milk supply and he’s often gulping and rather gassy. If things are anything like last time, sadly, this won’t last. By four months I was struggling with low supply despite exclusively feeding. But at this early stage I remember having a strong, almost too strong, flow. Time to instigate some single sided feeds. Plus Baby drifts off mid-feed at the moment. Once this ceases I’m sure things will get back to normal.

At least there are some benefits to being a second time mum – some stuff you’ve already been through before and it’s therefore not as worrying.


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