The worst trip out ever…

One of our first trips out today as a family of four. And it was an almighty disaster…

We had pretty modest ambitions. Spend a couple of hours at a garden centre, look at the animals and toys, have a coffee and maybe a cake, come home. Not too much to ask.

However we failed to factor in Bub’s new sibling issues which translated into him behaving atrociously the whole time. Running away, kicking, screaming, crying, hitting other kids, trying to pull down displays, needing a wee but refusing to go. You name it, he did it.

Worst moment was trying to get food from the coffee shop. Baby had decided he wanted milk NOW and was screaming. Bub was trying to escape. My partner and I were juggling trays of hot drinks and a child each. It was awful. And then when we sat down Bub was still yelling and all the old folks trying to have a quiet cup of tea were staring at us.

I have never had such an unsuccessful family outing. I guess at least the only way now is up. If we ever dare leave the house again that is…


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