Brotherly love – maybe

First proper bit of interaction between Bub and Baby yesterday.

Baby was in his bouncy chair and I had got out a baby toy to show him. At first Bub was quite jealous and ran off with the toy. But when I explained it was a baby toy and that the baby would enjoy listening to the noise it made he relented. I shook the toy in front of Baby but according to Bub wasn’t doing it right. He took the toy and held it in front of Baby shaking it for him. It was a bit over enthusiastic, to be honest, as I was afraid he’d accidentally clock him one, but fortunately all was fine.

Later that day I was trying to eat my tea when Baby started to cry. Bub dashed off, got the toy and started to shake it in front of Baby. Very thoughtful of him!

Moments like this do give glimpses of them having a happy sibling relationship. We still are dealing with a huge amount of negativity and anger from Bub. Almost all directed at us, not Baby, thank goodness. But hopefully this might mark the start of a beautiful friendship!


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