Almost four weeks in

In a couple of days Baby will be a month old. Scary how time flies – in a blur of nappies, breastfeeds and desperate attempts to entertain a toddler.

Poor Bub has been ill, again. This last month he’s been constantly tired, angry, bored. And occasionally ill too. It’s very sad. I expected bad behaviour but not the tiredness and frequent illness. Hopefully all will get back to normal soon. He starts going to nursery four afternoons a week in a while which I hope will provide him with a more diverse range of entertainment. At the moment it’s a constant stream of Angry Birds games and little else. Poor lad!

Baby is doing great. At almost four weeks the cluster feeding has reduced a bit. Still hard to predict though. I often venture out with him and hope he’ll take a lengthy nap and instead find myself having to do an unexpected feed. Am still not totally at home with breastfeeding in public again though have little choice so must persevere. Am keen to get a few more breastfeeding tops but can’t find much on the high street or eBay. Any recommendations?

I’ve noticed a slight change to Baby’s daytime sleep too. In the last few days he’s has a few fussy periods where he doesn’t want to feed, be changed or winded. He’s tired and yawning but won’t instantly drop off like he would a week or so ago. He still falls asleep pretty easily, really. But it’s not like when he was newborn and could fall asleep any time, any place, any where. He definitely has a preference for falling asleep in my arms (clever baby, really.) But fortunately he’ll sleep happily in his moses basket after that once I lay him down. Much better than his big brother who wouldn’t ever transfer from arms to cot – I spent months holding him.

And a final sleep brag. Baby slept ‘through the night’ yesterday – 1am to 6.30am, then 7am to 10am. And I slept too. Wonderful!!!


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One Response to “Almost four weeks in”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Yay for so much sleep!! That’s amazing. 🙂

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