Up time – or not!

Bub is such a sneaky boy. He has a Gro-Clock in his bedroom which we use to let him know when it’s ‘up time’. He is well aware that if it’s not up time then he should stay in bed, or at least in his bedroom, until the yellow light comes on. However the other day I went in his room a minute or two early. I found he’d pushed his chair over to his cupboard, climbed up and pushed the button on the clock to turn it straight to up time. He was sitting on the bed looking very pleased with himself. Not good – from a dangerous climbing and also getting up early point of view.

This happened a few days ago but I’m writing it now as I reflect on the annoyance that is British Summer Time. I hate it when the clocks change. It’s such a palaver to adjust kids to it and leads to tiredness and poor sleep over a long period of time. I’m all for just picking a time and sticking to it!


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2 Responses to “Up time – or not!”

  1. katesurfs Says:

    We have one of those clocks… some days it works, some days it doesn’t. I guess it’s all a big keraffle in our place though because we have our 3 year old and our 7 month old both sleeping in our room. A few times, my daughter has seen the clock turn green (ours is green for wake up) and she was fast asleep, and only stirred, but peaked open her eyes and would have fallen back asleep, but saw the clock green and forced herself to wake up! Nooooo!!!

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