One month old baby ‘routine’

Baby is now over a month old and already seems like a different child. He’s much more alert and is experimenting with occasional (and maybe accidental) smiles.

He’s also getting a little more predictable in terms of his feeding and sleeping.

I’m not looking to put him into a routine but I am keen to establish his patterns, if any. As I wrote earlier this helps me to manage everything if I have a rough idea of what happens when.

I’ve started to take a mental note of his approximate patterns and yesterday wrote down all the timings to inform this post. I won’t be doing that regularly though – life is definitely too short!

Below I’ve written down the basic outline of our current ‘routine’ which has been going on for about five days. This is probably totally boring to everyone except me so feel free to look away now if you like.

Also look away of you are likely to be totally irritated by a newborn who is actually an amazing night time sleeper. I feel ok to say this as I’ve been at the opposite end with Bub who was horrendous. I’m doing nothing different at this stage of their lives so I think (with a newborn at least) it’s all nature and little nurture when it comes to night time sleep.

Anyway, here we go:

Night sleep 6-8 hours (falling asleep between 8 and 11pm usually and waking around 5.30am)

Milk 5.30am then back to sleep (sometimes straight back to sleep, sometimes takes over an hour for this to happen, I try to keep things dark, quiet and boring to encourage him to doze off again)

Sleep 3.5 hours (roughly 6am to 9.30am)

Milk on waking then usually quite alert and happy to watch the world for quite a while.

Things then become a lot less predictable. He doesn’t really take any lengthy naps for the rest of the day but grabs half an hour here or there, usually whilst being held. He also cluster feeds increasingly frequently as it gets towards evening. Both these things are somewhat challenging (especially with a toddler) but I guess they are a small price to pay for such excellent night sleep.

Yesterday the afternoon/evening pattern was:

Milk 11.45am – 12.15pm
Sleep 12.15 – 12.45pm (whilst held)
Milk 1 – 1.30pm
Milk 1.45 – 2pm
Sleep 2.15 – 3.30pm (in sling, walking)
Milk 4 – 4.15pm
Milk 4.40 – 4.50pm
Sleep 5 – 6.15pm (partially held then in moses basket)
Milk 6.30 – 7.05pm
Milk 8.05 – 8.30pm
Milk 8.45 – 9.25pm
Sleep 9.25 – 9.45pm (held)
Milk 9.55 – 10.10pm
Milk 10.30 – 10.40pm
Sleep 11pm (finally!! Slept till 5am)

Reflecting on the above there is a hell of a lot of feeding going on! I think this is a bit more than usual as I’ve been unwell. I’ve had a few menthol products for my sore throat which I think has slightly dropped my milk supply and therefore led to longer and less fulfilling feeds for Baby. [UPDATE: A few days after I wrote this my period started which may better explain the reduced milk supply.]


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3 Responses to “One month old baby ‘routine’”

  1. abbiewinter Says:

    I remember those days, I have three children aged 6, 4 and 1. It gets easier and I’ve found much more fun, first they smile then babble, crawl, walk and talk. They really do change and develop into little people so quickly. I swear my eldest will be borrowing my car keys any day now.

  2. ihavecards Says:

    Isn’t it fab to have a sleeper??! My daughter wasn’t horrendous, but then equally it took her a few months to go through the night, and now at 3, she’s still up at 6.30ish. My son, on the other hand, slept through from 6 weeks & loves his naps still, at 7 months old.
    With my daughter I was quite determined to get her into a routine with naps and feeds, from around 4 months old. Though we do have a routine with my son, it’s been dictated by him, and my daughter’s social life, and other than a clear bedtime routine, and a story before every nap if we’re at home, it’s a lot more free this time round, and times vary more. I figure, he’s happy, sleeping, eating and feeling loved, so we’re all OK! Good luck with yours 🙂

    • Don't wake the baby! Says:

      Thanks! We had to be more rigid routine wise with my eldest son as he was a poor sleeper for a long time. Hopefully my second will be able to do just as well with a more flexible approach.

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