Easter fun

Being on maternity leave means that often bank holidays are more of a chore than a joy. I wouldn’t be at work anyway but now there are loads of other people also not at work and they are crowding up all our usual activities! Plus our nursery has the cheek to charge us the full daily rate for bank holidays despite being shut.

All this means I wasn’t really looking forward to this long weekend very much. However fortunately it all turned out very nicely. We had some brilliant weather on Sunday – cold but sunny – and went for a very enjoyable walk.

I also wanted to do something with an Easter focus with Bub. I’m not religious so this meant something egg related. On Saturday we decorated some real eggs using felt tip pens. Bub only did one, with only one colour. He was intent on putting as much purple onto that egg as possible and couldn’t be tempted to put it aside to do another. I did a few more. Then on Monday with his cousin we did an egg hunt. The two boys looked super cute as they went round the garden with their buckets searching for the previously decorated eggs. Surprisingly only two eggs were harmed during this exercise, the rest escaped without a scratch. And the boys were rewarded at the end with a creme egg each.


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