Daisy daisy

Before Bub was born my instinctive view was that there wasn’t much difference between little boys and little girls. In the nature vs nurture debate I thought that any differences would be down to socialisation and learned responses. I wanted to give my child the option to try all things and be who they wanted to be. If that meant my son playing ironing and my daughter playing cars then so be it.

Now I have a son I’m much more open to the idea that girls and boys are different. Certainly in my experience they play, speak and act very differently even at only two or three. Speaking very generally the little girls I know tend to be much more into role playing. They are alert to relationships and build these into games. Boys by contrast tend to be more into things. Cars, trains etc are ordered and moved about. They might collide together but that’s about as far as interaction goes. These are big generalisations of course and are probably very influenced by the kind if boy Bub is. As someone who is very active and physical, into puzzles and problem solving but not great at speaking this probably means he fits this stereotype a bit more than most.

Anyway, the point of all that preamble was to say how nice it was today to see him doing some non-boyish stuff.

These last couple of days the weather has been so much better and we’ve been able to go outside (yay!) And Bub has become obsessed with daisies. He started picking then on the way home from nursery. And today he was picking them from the garden. He has put them all in a little egg cup. I told him that whilst they were lovely they wouldn’t last very long now they had been picked. He was quite upset at this idea and said he didn’t want that to happen. And then we had a little chat about how plants die if you pick them and they need soil, water and sun to survive. I felt like Alan Titchmarsh at the end of it all!


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