Three going on thirteen

I currently feel like I know exactly what it’s like to live with a teenager. Bub is three years old going on thirteen!

He has definitely mastered the teenage selective hearing. Often he completely ignores us when we speak to him. He’s also got the dismissiveness sorted too:

“I no like you anymore!”
“I don’t love you mummy!”
“I don’t want you in this house. I throw you out of the window daddy!”
“Easter eggs are boring!”
“That is stupid!”
“This is rubbish!”
“Put telly on NOW!”

Not to mention his ability to selectively play dumb. “I don’t know” is a frequent answer to questions, even things you know he knows the answer to. I’m not sure if this is stubbornness or an odd shyness but he often now answers our questions in this way.

His music taste is quite teenage too. Not for Bub the delights of nursery rhymes. His favourite song is by Marilyn Manson!! He insists we put it on then runs up and down, jumps and kicks. But god forbid if we try to join in. “Don’t dance! Don’t sing! Just [Bub]!”

The final and nastiest thing is his spitting habit. He does this aggressively and deliberately, snarling too. He also does a good line in hisses and animalistic growls.

Where did my sweet little lad go?? Hope he’s not gone for good and will return once he has got over the arrival of his little brother.


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