Getting bigger all the time

Baby just keeps on growing. Clearly his cluster feeding is doing the trick as he is piling on the pounds.

He was weighed a few days ago and is 13 lbs at only five weeks. He’s also 60cm in length. Both of these are around or above the 98th percentile position. Both are also similar to Bub at this stage. However it feels to me that he is bigger than his brother was.

Certainly he is racing through his clothes at a much faster rate than Bub ever did. He wore his newborn stuff for less than a week. I then got out the 0-3 month babygros. Being reluctant to put a very newborn in ‘real’ clothes it was only last week I fished out his 0-3 month tops and trousers.

And this week I’ve been forced to dig out and wash all the 3-6 month stuff. Whilst some 0-3 clothes fit well there are lots that are already too short. It’s a shame as I have some lovely 0-3 clothes he’s not even worn. Mind you with one poo explosion and two wee-during-a-nappy-change experiences today we have been doing our best to get through as many as humanly possible!


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3 Responses to “Getting bigger all the time”

  1. pumpmasterkamp Says:

    whole cow (no pun intended) my kid wasn’t 13 pond till 6 months! keep making that crème de la crème.

    • Don't wake the baby! Says:

      He did start off at 10 and a half pounds so probably had a head start on most little ones. If he’s anything like my eldest son he’ll gradually drop down to a more normal weight over time.

  2. Getting bigger and bigger! | Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] posted the other day about how Baby is growing and how we were in 3-6 month clothes at only six weeks. However since […]

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